An Experienced Firm

When confronting receivership challenges, FedReceiver®, Inc. provides a practical, efficient and results oriented approach to all cases. Whether the case is large or small, complex or straight forward, our efforts will streamline the process to ensure a cost effective and positive outcome.

Our highly experienced receivers have been appointed in hundreds of federal and state court cases. With professional licensing in California, Arizona and Nevada, as well as 75 plus years of cumulative receivership experience, our receivers have been appointed in cases involving all types of real estate, government enforcement, judgment enforcement, partnership/marital dissolution, and business dispute resolution. These cases have involved over 10,000 investors, over $750 million in investor funds and approximately $1 billion in real estate assets located throughout the United States.

Receivership appointments require specialized knowledge, experience and skill. Our receivers have all the necessary resources to effectively and efficiently administer receivership estates. When appointed, our receivers immediately perform all necessary duties in order to qualify to act as receiver. Immediately locating and seizing all assets belonging to the estate is essential. In addition, it is important to provide a continuous flow of accurate and comprehensive information to the court as well as all interested parties. This information may include an inventory/asset list, property status reports, claims against the receivership estate, interim reports, or other information as may be required by the appointing order.

If applicable, a forensic audit of the defendant’s books and records is undertaken. The Receiver, assisted by his/her staff members and court-approved professionals, are able to provide in-house forensic accounting, asset seizure, valuation and liquidation, legal/litigation support and property management services.

Every receivership comes with a unique set of circumstances and challenges. The receivers and staff at FedReceiver® are able to meet those challenges and have a proven track record of success.

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