ENGAGEMENT: Suncor Receivership Estate

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Mr. Stephen J. Donell has been appointed as the receiver for Suncor Fontana, LLC, Suncor Hesperia, LLC, and Suncor Care Lynwood, LLC, as well as their subsidiaries and affiliates, in connection with the pending lawsuit, SEC v. Yang, et al., in which the United States Securities and Exchange Commission has alleged that the entities were used to perpetrate a fraud in violation of the federal securities laws.  Mr. Donell is in the process of investigating the business and financial activities of the entities, as well as making efforts to recover all available assets.  Mr. Donell has made no decisions at this time regarding the return of funds to investors, and refund requests will not be considered at this time.  If and when a distribution to investors is approved, notice will be provided on Mr. Donell’s website, FedReceiver.com.  Investors and creditors from outside the United States should check Mr. Donell’s website frequently so that they may be aware of the process for distribution and for filing claims.  To be added to the list of investors, please click here.

Stephen J. Donell先生是由美国联邦地区法院在SEC v. Yang, et al. 中所指定的接管人,接管了Suncor Fontana, LLC, Suncor Hesperia, LLC, and Suncor Care Lynwood, LLC, 及其所有子公司和附属机构(以下简称“接管管理实体”)。美国证券交易委员会(以下简称“委员会”)在此诉讼中指控接管管理实体被利用做欺诈行为并违反了 联邦证券法。Mr. Donell 正在调查接管管理实体的商业和财务活动,也在尽量追回接管管理实体的资产。Mr. Donell 还没决定关于投资者的退款,所以现在不会考虑任何退款要求。如果法院批准接管管理实体的资产分配Mr. Donell的网站,FedReceiver.com,会有通告。美国以外的所有投资人和债权人应经常查看本网站,以便了解索赔流程并及时提出索赔。如要 加你的名字入投资者名单,请按此