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FedReceiver, Inc. professionals are industry leaders. They provide Court Receiver, Partition Referee, Provisional Director, Special Master and Distribution Agent services in actions filed in both state and federal courts throughout the United States.

With decades of experience, knowledge, expertise and success, the expert court receivers at FedReceiver, Inc. preserve, maintain, and manage estate assets for the benefit of interested parties, regulatory agencies and creditors.

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Resolve Non-Performing Loan Problems

We work with creditors and creditor rights attorneys to take possession of assets that are encumbered by loans that are in default.

Recover Your Investment

A court receiver takes possession of the partnership itself. Thereafter, through the use of forensic accountants, analysis and business valuation techniques, the investment is identified, quantified and recovered.

Navigate & Understand the Process with Confidence

As industry leaders, FedReceiver utilizes its experience, knowledge and training, as well as its retained professionals to work through complex cases in an efficient manner.

Achieving Clients' Goals and Objectives

We enforce judgments, take possession of the security for loans, assume control of partnerships, preserve and maintain real property, identify fraudulent activity and thereafter recover funds for the benefit of defrauded investors and consumers.

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Clients Who Trusted Us

As an attorney representing secured creditors who provide C&I loans, I have needed to seek the appointment of a receiver due to loan defaults. Stephen Donell, Receiver, is a take-charge, dependable and results-oriented professional with whom we have a long-standing history. We highly recommend his services as receiver to other lenders and creditors.

Attorney, San Francisco CA
San Francisco, CA

As lenders’ counsel, our firm has worked with FedReceiver, Inc. for many years in connection with real property defaults and several cases involving the appointment of a Receiver. Mr. Donell and his team have distinguished themselves as knowledgeable and effective court appointed receivers.

Attorney, Los Angeles CA
Beverly Hills, CA

Our firm has had multiple opportunities to work with the professionals at FedReceiver and the results have been extremely positive in all of our partition referee and receivership matters.

Attorney, Los Angeles CA
Los Angeles, CA

I have worked with Stephen Donell in multiple cases where he was appointed as receiver over assets secured by loans originated from our lending institution. Mr. Donell’s expertise and experience have been invaluable in the protection of the bank’s loan security.

Lender, Orange County CA
Orange County, CA

Mr. Donell has served as court-appointed Receiver in multiple matters in connection with partnership litigation filed by our firm. Mr. Donell has demonstrated his knowledge regarding asset preservation, forensic investigations, and fiduciary duty violations, and his actions have resulted in positive results for my clients’ interests.

Attorney, Los Angeles CA
Los Angeles, CA

Mr. Donell demonstrated his knowledge and skill related to slum-like conditions and the applicable standard of care. His testimony was instrumental in our firm achieving a very positive result. I would highly recommend the services of Mr. Donell.

Plaintiff’s Attorney, San Francisco CA
San Francisco, CA

Stephen Donell was retained by our firm in connection with a personal injury case. His analysis and involvement in the case assisted us in achieving our goals and objectives in the defense of the case.

Defense Attorney, Los Angeles CA
Los Angeles, CA

We utilized the services of Stephen Donell and relied on his vast knowledge in the area of receivership administration to assist us with our case.

Attorney, San Diego CA
San Diego, CA

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Who We Work With

From civil and criminal government agencies to creditor rights, divorce, collection and insolvency attorneys, the FedReceiver team works with a wide variety of plantiffs' professionals.

Creditor Rights Attorneys

Attorneys who represent creditors may seek to enforce and utilize contractual and statutory rights and remedies.

Insolvency Attorneys

There is a great deal of overlap between bankruptcy, receivership and partition actions. Attorneys practicing in these fields generally have experience in all of these disciplines.

Government Agencies

The Securities & Exchange Commission, Federal Trade Commission, Commodity Futures Trading Commission, as well as state agencies regularly seek to employ receivers in the interest of justice.

Judgment Enforcement Attorneys

We understand the challenges and frustrations involved in collecting and enforcing judgments. FedReceiver has recovered millions of dollars for the benefit of judgment creditors.

Marital Dissolution Attorneys

In highly contested divorce matters involving real property or business assets, marital dissolution attorneys regularly seek the appointment of a receiver to marshal hidden or diminishing of estate assets.

Defrauded Investors

General partners, managing members and corporate officers owe a fiduciary duty to their investors. FedReceiver, Inc, can assist in recovery of invested capital in cases involving fraud and breach of fiduciary duty.

Ponzi-like Schemes

Our receivers have decades of experience working with the Securities & Exchange Commission to maximize recovery of investor funds in fraudulent investment schemes.

Probate, Estate & Litigation Attorneys

We provide a broad array of receivership and partition services involving probate, estate and business litigation matters where the appointment of a court-fiduciary is an approripriate remendy.

Corporate Shareholder Attorneys

The dissolution and wind-down of partnerships via dissolution managers can be an effective tool to resolve disputes involving disputed assets among shareholders and partners.

What We Do


We provide state and federal court appointed receivership services covering a wide variety of case-types on a nation-wide basis.

Partition Referee

A partition referee is appointed in the context of disputes between co-owners of real property when the disposition of the asset is in dispute. It results in a court-ordered sale pursuant to the applicable state statute.

Provisional Director

When a corporation has evenly divided directors that are deadlocked, the court can appoint a provisional director pursuant to code/statute in order to act as a tiebreaker..

Distribution Agent

An individual or company may be appointed by the court to distribute funds pursuant to a plan of distribution.

Property Management

A property manager manages real property, including office, industrial, retail, multi-family, single family, self-storage and specialty properties.

Forensic Accounting

Working with specialized forensic accountants, FedReceiver manages the investigative process to produce reports resulting from the examination of records to uncover fraud, hidden or improperly transferred assets and to trace funds.

Probate Administrator

The role of the administrator is to marshal all assets, address creditor claims and distribute assets to beneficiaries pursuant to the will or applicable statute.

Expert Witness Testimony

With a focus on premises liability, habitability and receivership standard of care, Stephen Donell provides expert witness testimony in matters throughout the country.

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Why you should work with the Expert Court Receivers at FedReceiver

Track Record

With a record of success in state/federal court, we have recovered billions of dollars of assets for the benefit of creditors/investors/partners over three decades.


The FedReceiver, Inc. team has served as court appointed receivers and/or partition referees in more than 800 matters in state and federal court.

Industry Leaders

James Donell and Stephen Donell have both served as President of the LA/Orange County Chapter of the California Receiver's Forum; Stephen Donell is Past President of the National Association of Federal Equity Receivers and a CCIM Ward Cener for Real Estate Studies lecturer on real estate receiverships.

Subject Matter Experts

With decades of experience and leadership roles as a Rents & Profits and Equity Receiver, Partition Referee, Provisional Director and Expert Witness, the management team at FedReceiver, Inc. is nationally recognized as distinguished industry leaders.

Licenses & Professional Designations

Licensing and professional designations include California, Arizona and Nevada real estate brokers licenses, California Dept. of Social Services RCFE License, Certified Property Manager (CPM), Accredited Residential Manager (ARM), Accredited Management Organization (AMO) and Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM).

State and Federal Court Experience

With 800+ state court and federal court appointments as receiver, partition referee, special master, provisional director and dissolution manager, FedReceiver, Inc. is an industry leader.

Locations Served

With cases/assets nation-wide, the court receivers at FedReceiver, Inc. preserve and recover assets throughout the United States and abroad.

  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • San Bernardino
  • Sacramento
  • Ventura
  • Orange County
  • California
  • Las Vegas
  • Reno
  • Carson City
  • Laughlin
  • Phoenix
  • Tucson
  • Yuma
  • Flagstaff
  • Prescott
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Nationally recognized leaders in the receivership, partition referee, provisional director and dissolution manager industry.

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LABF Young Insolvency Professionals Committee discusses alternatives to filing for bankruptcy relief.

Reviving the financially distressed business book by written by Receiver Stephen Donell, CCIM, CPM

Reviving The Financially Distressed Business

Reviving The Financially Distressed Business is the essential guide for business owners and corporate leaders whose companies are under—or anticipating—financial difficulties. See Chapter 11, Receiverships, written by Court Receiver Stephen Donell, CCIM, CPM

Steve Donell’s contribution to the book “Reviving a Financially Distressed Business” reflects not only his expertise as a receiver, but his sound judgment on how receivership can be used to effectively advance a financially troubled business.” 

– Brian Davidoff, Esq. Author and Editor

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