Finding The Right Court-Appointed Receiver in Phoenix, Arizona

At FedReceiver®, we have a team of seasoned receiver specialists who understand receivership law and practice, the need for immediate property/business takeovers and the importance of proper communication with all parties, especially the court. From full-service forensic accounting, asset seizure, valuation and liquidation, to real property management and brokerage services provided through affiliate Jalmar Properties, Inc. AMO®, FedReceiver® is committed to the efficient control and administration of each case.

A receiver’s responsibility is to specifically follow the court’s orders and to identify and implement the most effective methods of preserving and protecting receivership estate assets. Our professionals have decades of experience and have successfully administered hundreds of state and federal court receivership cases throughout the United States.

The receiver specialists at FedReceiver® have been active in receivership matters since 1990. The FedReceiver® team holds multiple professional designations, including Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM), Arizona Real Estate Broker, Accredited Residential Manager (ARM), and Certified Property Manager (CPM).

FedReceiver®, Inc. provides a full spectrum of receivership services and is committed to efficient receivership case administration. President Stephen J. Donell has been appointed to hundreds of state and federal court cases involving governmental enforcement, business fraud and rents, issues and profits. Mr. Donell and the FedReceiver® team aim to maximize positive outcomes by evaluating your case and developing a solid plan of action. The professionals at FedReceiver® have successfully administered cases throughout the greater Phoenix area, Tucson, and other counties throughout Arizona. Each case resulted in a successful outcome for the plaintiff that sought the appointment of the receiver.

Whether the case is large or small, complex or straightforward, our team of professionals work to streamline the administration of each case in order to ensure a positive and cost-effective outcome. The team at FedReceiver® has years of experience in administering receivership cases involving commercial property, multi-family, industrial, gas station, judgment enforcement, and partnership disputes.

FedReceiver®, Inc., your court-appointed receivers in Phoenix and other cities throughout Arizona, specialize in state and federal court receiverships. To learn more about services provided by FedReceiver®, Inc., please visit our contact page, or call us at (310)207-8481.