Real Estate Receiverships | Online | June 17, 2024

FedReceiver, Inc. is proud to offer a new online course designed to provide commercial real estate professionals with in-depth insights into the specialized field of court-appointed real estate receiverships. This course uniquely combines the personal attention of an experienced instructor with the convenience and flexibility of online learning.

Course Overview
Court-appointed real estate receiverships present unique opportunities for commercial real estate professionals. However, mastering the complexities of these transactions is crucial for success. With 30+ years of experience and having administered more than 900 receiverships in state and federal courts, Stephen Donell, CCIM, president of FedReceiver, Inc., offers unparalleled expertise and practical knowledge in this field. This course will provide participants with the tools and understanding necessary to excel in working with receivers.

What You Will Learn
In “Real Estate Receiverships,” participants will gain valuable insights and knowledge, including:

  1. Receivership Terminology: Understand the specific language and terms used in receiverships.
  2. Differences Between Bankruptcy and Receivership: Learn the key distinctions to navigate both processes effectively.
  3. Receivership Life Cycle: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the stages involved in a receivership.
  4. Receiver Selection and Appointment Process: Learn how receivers are chosen and appointed.
  5. Asset Classes in Receivership: Explore the various types of assets commonly involved in receiverships.
  6. Nuances of Real Estate Sales within Receivership Cases: Discover the specific details and processes of selling real estate in receivership.
  7. Pitfalls and Opportunities for Brokers: Identify common challenges and opportunities for brokers in receivership scenarios.
  8. Mastery of Key Receivership Elements: Develop strategies for business development and working effectively with receivers.

Course Details
Instructor: Stephen Donell, CCIM, President of FedReceiver, Inc.
Venue: This course takes place online.
Date and Time: June 17, 2024, from 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. CT.

Participants are encouraged to review the schedule for specific session times and ensure they are available for all virtual sessions. This is a fantastic opportunity for commercial real estate professionals to expand their knowledge and enhance their business opportunities in the field of real estate receiverships.

Register Today
Don’t miss out on this chance to learn from a leading expert in the field. Secure your spot today and take a significant step towards mastering the complexities of real estate receiverships.

For more information and to register, please click here.

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Real Estate Receiverships | Online

FedReceiver, Inc. is offering a new online course providing in-depth insights into the world of court-appointed real estate receiverships. This flexible learning format combines instructor guidance with the convenience of online access. Course materials are provided digitally, and virtual sessions have scheduled start and end dates. Led by Stephen Donell, CCIM, president of FedReceiver, Inc.,…

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