Expert Witness Testimony

The expert witness professionals at Fed Receiver have served in a variety of cases involving
receiverships, real estate partnership disputes, and property management standard of care disputes.
We possess the knowledge and expertise to serve on behalf of both plaintiff and defense counsel, and
provide our clients with the necessary guidance to navigate through the complexities of the judicial

When faced with a court trial, expert witness testimony greatly assists juries’ understanding of your
story. Our team of expert CPMs, CCIMs and ARMs have decades of experience providing quality
expertise on a wide variety of topics, including the standard of care involving the following:


  • Health code compliance
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Vendor contract disputes
  • Property management obligations
  • Property ownership obligations
  • Sub-standard housing/habitability issues
  • Receiverships


The expert witness professionals with FedReceiver®, Inc. address all issues in a professional and thorough
manner, consistent with their decades of experience. For more information, please contact our offices at (310) 207-8832.