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A Court Appointed San Bernadino Gas Station Receiver Is Here to Help

A San Bernadino Gas Station Receiver can be needed to help navigate the unique challenges that Gas Station/C-Store/Car Wash businesses pose. Between the amount of cash collected, regulatory compliance issues and the retail nature of the business, Gas Station receiverships are very complex. FedReceiver has the knowledge and experience to tackle complex gas station receivership matters and has done so throughout the southwestern United States.

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Here’s how a FedReceiver San Bernadino Gas Station Receiver can help you:

Gas station properties, which may also contain C-Stores and Carwashes are heavily regulated. Alcohol licensing issues may be present; complex rules exist with respect to the transfer of liquor licenses.

  • Regulatory Compliance

    Due to the inherent environmental and regulatory risks associated with gas station properties, it is important to have the requisite experience to understand the types of issues that may arise. This includes underground storage tanks, air quality, point-of-sale software, subsurface contamination, groundwater, soil vapor contamination and other hazards common in this property type.

  • Liquor Licenses

    The operation and transfer of liquor licenses can be complex. Strict adherence to rules governing liquor licenses is required to maintain, preserve and transfer such licenses.

  • Carwash Facilities

    Carwash facilities require stringent management procedures. From recycled water to the use of specialized detergents and other regulatory complaints issues, these businesses require hands-on management and expertise.

  • Point of Sale Software

    Retail point-of-sale systems are heavily regulated. Compliance with such requirements including inventory management is required.

  • Underground Storage Tank Compliance

    Underground storage tank inspection, maintenance and compliance issues arise in the management of carwash properties.

  • Franchise/License Agreements

    Compliance with franchise agreements will preserve the value of the property and business.

  • Cash Receipts

    Tracking cash in implementing appropriate checks and balances is of vital importance in the operation of carwash, convenience store and gas station businesses and properties.

  • Environmental Compliance

    Overall environmental compliance issues are at the forefront of these types of properties.

  • Inventory Control

    Inventory control can prevent theft, enhance profits and improve efficiency.

  • Vendor Relations

    Maintaining good relations with vendors is important. This will allow for good terms as well as service.

When is a San Bernadino Gas Station Receiver needed?

A gas station may also have a convenience store and carwash. These businesses require hands-on management, skill, and experience. FedReceiver has the necessary skills, background, training, and experience to administer gas station properties.

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Clients Who Trusted Us

As an attorney representing secured creditors who provide C&I loans, I have needed to seek the appointment of a receiver due to loan defaults. Stephen Donell, Receiver, is a take-charge, dependable and results-oriented professional with whom we have a long-standing history. We highly recommend his services as receiver to other lenders and creditors.

Attorney, San Francisco CA
San Francisco, CA

As lenders’ counsel, our firm has worked with FedReceiver, Inc. for many years in connection with real property defaults and several cases involving the appointment of a Receiver. Mr. Donell and his team have distinguished themselves as knowledgeable and effective court appointed receivers.

Attorney, Los Angeles CA
Beverly Hills, CA

Our firm has had multiple opportunities to work with the professionals at FedReceiver and the results have been extremely positive in all of our partition referee and receivership matters.

Attorney, Los Angeles CA
Los Angeles, CA

I have worked with Stephen Donell in multiple cases where he was appointed as receiver over assets secured by loans originated from our lending institution. Mr. Donell’s expertise and experience have been invaluable in the protection of the bank’s loan security.

Lender, Orange County CA
Orange County, CA

Mr. Donell has served as court-appointed Receiver in multiple matters in connection with partnership litigation filed by our firm. Mr. Donell has demonstrated his knowledge regarding asset preservation, forensic investigations, and fiduciary duty violations, and his actions have resulted in positive results for my clients’ interests.

Attorney, Los Angeles CA
Los Angeles, CA

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Locations Served

With cases involving assets throughout the country and internationally, FedReceiver, Inc. provides nation-wide receivership services including international asset recovery.

Alameda, Butte, County of San Francisco, Contra Costa, El Dorado, Fresno, Humboldt, Imperial, Inyo, Kern, Kings, Los Angeles, Marin, Orange County, Riverside, Sacramento, San Bernadino, San Diego, San Joaquin, San Luis Obispo, San Mateo, Santa Barbara, Santa Clara, Ventura County, and the California District Court.

Las Vegas, Carson City, Clark, Douglas, Elko and Washoe County

Phoenix, Gila, Maricopa, Mohave and Pima County

States with cases/assets include Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin.

Who needs a court-appointed San Bernadino Gas Station Receiver?

If you are a lender, attorney, investor, government agency or city attorney, FedReceiver,Inc. provides receivership services to address your unique circumstances.


Defaulted real estate /business loans, collateral and inventory problems, contaminated property may all require the services of a receiver.


Corporate, partnership, creditor rights, bankruptcy and transactional attorneys regularly seek out the services of court-appointed receivers.

Defrauded Investor/Consumer

If you are a defrauded investor/consumer, various government agencies may be able to assist with investigating alleged fraud.

Government Agency

State/federal governmental agencies appoint receivers in connection with criminal restitution, health & safety code violation, investor and consumer fraud as well as other regulatory matters requiring the appointment of a receiver.

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How we work together

From identifying problems to implementing solutions, our experienced team utilizes its decades of experience, expertise, training and resources to successfully administer its receiver, partition, provisional directorship, dissolution manager and distribution agent cases.

Reach out

Please reach out via our contact page or call us at our Los Angeles corporate office. Our state and federal cases involve assets throughout the county.

Set an Appointment

An initial call will allow for an initial assessment of the proposed case.

Sample Pleadings/Orders

With approximately 800 cases, FedReceiver has a vast library of exemplars including motions seeking appointment of receiver, orders appointing receiver and memorandum of points & authorities.


We offer excellent references with local and national law firms, accounting firms and clients.

Court Experience

Given our decades of experience and hundreds of cases, we have appeared in state/federal court and have excellent relationships with numerous courts/judges.

Get to know our expert San Bernadino Gas Station Receivers

A family business, founded by James Donell, we are leaders in the receivership industry.

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With prior experience as president of the California Receivers Forum (CRF) Los Angeles/Orange County Chapter, President of the National Association of Federal Equity Receivers (NAFER), panel members at receiver conferences, we are leaders in our industry.


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Stephen J. Donell Los Angeles

President of FedReceiver, Inc., Jalmar Properties, Inc. and Donell Expert Services, Inc.

James H. Donell Los Angeles

Founder and CEO of FedReceiver, Inc. and Jalmar Properties, Inc.

Todd D. Donell Los Angeles

Executive Vice President of FedReceiver, Inc. and Jalmar Properties, Inc.

Sarah R. Bates Los Angeles

Vice President of FedReceiver, Inc. and Jalmar Properties, Inc.

Review the chapter authored by Mr. Donell

Reviving the financially distressed business book by written by Receiver Stephen Donell, CCIM, CPM

Reviving the Financially Distressed Business

Reviving The Financially Distressed Business is the essential guide for business owners and corporate leaders whose companies are under—or anticipating—financial difficulties. See Chapter 11, Receiverships, written by Court Receiver Stephen Donell, CCIM, CPM

Steve Donell’s contribution to the book “Reviving a Financially Distressed Business” reflects not only his expertise as a receiver, but his sound judgment on how receivership can be used to effectively advance a financially troubled business.” 

– Brian Davidoff, Esq. Author and Editor

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